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Please note that the minimum order for a delivery of one of the below listed products is generally 500 litres – and even then provided it is for delivery into a single tank. Gas Oil is the exception. In cases where delivery of Gas Oil is into a barrel we can accept orders of 200 litres or more.

With the exception of DERV, all of the products listed here can be ordered on-line by going to the Home Page, obtaining a quote which will give you your various delivery options. Just select the option that best suits you.


KEROSENE – This is also known as Kero, 28 Second OilBurning Oil, Heating Oil or Home Heating Oil and is our core product especially in the colder winter months. It is primarily used for fuelling domestic heating systems (although some agricultural heaters and commercial heating systems also run on Kerosene as well).  It can also be used for fuelling some Aga’s and range-style cookers. Kerosene can be ordered on-line from the Home Page.


KERO AGA – Also known as Cooker Kero or Premium Cooker Kero and other similar terms. This is essentially Kerosene with a specialist additive in the mix which helps some Aga’s and range-style cookers run more cleanly and efficiently. Not all Aga’s and range-style cookers require this additive – but some do. Customers would need to be guided by their manufacturer’s instructions as to whether their particular cooker requires the additive or not. This product can be ordered on-line from our Home Page but customers should select KERO AGA from the drop down list.


KERO EXTRA – Also known as Premium Kero or Premium Kero for Boilers and other similar terms. This is essentially Kerosene with a specialist additive in the mix which helps boilers run more cleanly and efficientlly. It is a different additive to that referred to above relating to Aga's and range-style cookers. Some specialist boilers have to have this product to run smoothly. Altough many boilers do not necessarily need it, they will run more cleanly and efficiently nonetheless. Additionally the additive also includes a scent which makes the oil tank (which is usually situated in the garden or in an outhouse somewhere) have a much more pleasant aroma. This product can be ordered on-line from our Home-Page but customers should select KERO EXTRA from the drop down list.


PREMIUM BURNING OIL – Also known as PBO and commonly known as Paraffin. This is essentially a much more refined Kerosene. It burns much more cleanly than ordinary Kerosene but there is a premium on the price. Anything that uses Kerosene could use Paraffin – although in most cases this is not essential and would be an unnecessary expense as most systems run perfectly well with Kerosene (or Kerosene with an appropriate additive). PBO is often used in small heaters, patio heaters and greenhouse heaters and the like. However, some specialist Aga’s and range-style cookers have to have PBO. Some customers have PBO diluted with Kerosene, in a Kerosene / PBO mix and some have to have straight undiluted PBO. Some customers have two tanks – one for Kerosene feeding the boiler, and one for PBO feeding the Aga / range-cooker. Customers need to be guided by their manufactures as to what’s best in their particular case. Please note that we do not deliver PBO to all post-codes. For those post-codes we do deliver to, this product can be ordered on-line from our Home Page – but customers should select PBO - Paraffin from the drop-down list. If we do not deliver to your post-code, our quote screen will let you know.


GAS OIL – Also known as Red Diesel, Agricultural Diesel, 35 Second OilTractor Diesel, or simply as (slang) 'Ruby', 'Cherry’ or ‘Red’. This is the fuel mainly used by off-road agricultural vehicles and machinery and in commercial applications, plant and machinery. It is sometimes also used in commercial heating systems. It is usually more expensive than Kerosene, but is significantly cheaper than ordinary road diesel. This can be ordered on-line from our Home Page.


DERV – Stands for ‘Diesel Engine Road Vehicle’ – also known simply as Diesel, Road Diesel or White Diesel. This is the fuel used by diesel vehicles that use the roads. Please note that this product cannot be ordered on-line at present. Please contact our Sales Team direct for a quote. We can delivery anything from 500 litres to 22,000 litres using our own lorries. For orders up to 36,000 litres we can organize one of the articulated tankers that would normally deliver to us direct to divert straight to the customer instead.


For any questions or queries please contact our Sales Team on 01525 402209.


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