Emergency Deliveries / Same-Day Deliveries / Saturday Deliveries


Emergency Deliveries / Same Day Deliveries / Saturday Deliveries


Emergency Deliveries:

Please note that when ordering on-line, an Emergency Delivery is classed as delivery the next working day provided that the order is placed before the cut-off time on the working day preceding the day of delivery.

Generally this means that if an order is placed on (say) the Wednesday (before the cut-off time), delivery will indeed be on the Thursday. If the order is placed after the cut-off time then delivery will be by the next workig day after that.

Please note however, that weekends and Bank Holidays are not classed as working days. Therefore, if an order is placed on (say) the Saturday, of a normal week, the order will be deemed to have been placed on the next working-day (usually the Monday) and therefore the next working day after that, woud be the delivery day, in this case Tuesday...and so-on. The same principle applies to Bank Holidays.

To avoid confusion, if you obtain an on-line quote, the quote screen will make it plain what the delivery window options are and what the Emergency Delivery date will be and what the 'from' and 'to' delivery dates will be for those that can go with a wider delivery window. The quote screen takes into account the pre-determined cut-off time and the non-working days when calculating and presenting the delivery options.

Generally most of our routing is organized the preceding working day, and therefore we have to have a cut-off time after which the Routing becomes 'set-in-stone' for the next day and no further orders can be added. The actual cut-off time can vary depending how busy we are. The busier we are the earlier we will have to set the cut-off-time. As a general rule though we usually set the cut-off-time around 3pm - but we reserve the right to alter this. We may have to make it as early as midday and in extreme cases we may have to 'turn-off' the Emergency Delivery option altogether. Nonetheless, as stated above, your quote screen will make it clear what your delivery options are.


Same-Day Deliveries:

Unfortunately we cannot offer a Same-Day service when ordering on-line. If we had a particularly bad cold snap we could be faced with multpile orders from customers all wanting same-day deliveries and we may not be able to accommodate all such orders at such short notice - especially as our routing has normally been organized the day before.

However, we can occasionally accommodate same-day emergency deliveries. If you do wish for a same-day delivery please contact our Sales Team direct and they will discuss with the Routing Department as to whether we can squeeze you in. Whilst we do try our best to accommodate customers who have perhaps unexpectedly run-out and are desperate, the chances are you wont be the only one, and we cannot accommodate all such requests.


Saturday Deliveries:

Unfortunately we don't usually operate at weekends but we do work occasional Saturdays when it is busy - such as when the so-called 'Beast From the East' struck during the winter of 2017/18. Sometimes the decision to work a Saturday can be a bit last minute - such decisions literally depend on the weather. We do try our utmost to keep our customers happy and topped-up with oil where we can. Last year when many of our competitors actually shut down because there was too much snow, we did the opposite and worked extra days!

If you wish to be considered for a Saturday delivery or even a same-day Saturday delivery please contact our Sales Team for availability. If our lorries are out on a Saturday and there is spare capacity our Sales Staff may also be working. 


Our Sales Team are on 01525 402209



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