Other Products and Services

Other Products and Services


Please note that currently we do not have the facilities for customers to order the following products on-line, but they can be collected from our depot at How End, Houghton Conquest. In some cases we can deliver or arrange for our own suppliers to deliver direct to the customer.

The following gives a flavour of what we can supply – but it is not a definitive list. There are a multitude of different types of lubricant and oils meaning we can't stock everything! However, we usually carry stocks of the main lines. Even where we do not have the product in stock we can usually get the particular product delivered-in for collection or delivered to the customer direct from our suppliers - usually within a few days.

For any queries please contact our Sales Team for prices and availability.

YARD SALES / FUEL COLLECTIONS – Unlike most oil delivery companies we have yard sale facilities. If you would like to collect smaller quantities of fuel from us you can do. Maybe you wish to have a small quantity to tied you over temporarily whilst you await your bulk delivery, or maybe you are moving house and don’t want to order a full 500 litres when you don’t need that much? Please feel free to call-in and collect direct and take away your Kerosene, PBO, Gas Oil or DERV. You can either come along with your own containers or we can supply you with our own containers. Some of our customers bring a barrel or couple of barrels in the back of a van or on the back of a pick-up-type vehicle and we are happy to top up your barrels too. Again we can even supply you with the barrel if you don't have your own.

CONTAINERS AND BARRELS - We can supply 25 ltr plastic containers and/or 45 gallon (205 litres) metal drums for you to take your chosen fuel away in.

FUEL BOXES – This is a relatively new thing. It’s the same principle as wine in a box. Boxes contain either 20 litres of Kerosene or 20 litres of Gas Oil in a water tight sturdy bag which itself is inside a box. The boxes come with a pouring spout to make the transfer from the box to the tank or machinery very easy. These boxes can be taken away and used straight away but are also designed to be stored as an emergency back-up-supply should you ever run out of oil in the future. As they are in boxes they are also easy to stack if you wish to have several of them.

KERO ADDITIVES – If you place an order for a delivery of Kero Aga (for cookers) then the Aga Additive is included in the price – and similarly for Kero Extra (premium Kero for boilers), the additive is also included in the price. For this reason if you are placing an order online for a bulk delivery we would recommend you simply order Kero Aga or Kero Extra as appropriate. However, if you wish, we can supply the additives as separate products. They come in 200 ml bottles and one bottle treats 1,000 ltrs. You may wish to do this if you wish to have some spares or if you’ve had a delivery of straight Kero and only afterward remembered you also required an additive. (Please note these additives are often known by a variety of different names by different oil companies but there are essentially two main types – one for cookers and one for boilers. We call them Kero Aga and Kero Extra respectively. Other companies may call them something different such as 'Premium Kerosene for Agas' / 'Cooker Kero' etc. or 'Premium Kerosene for Boilers' / 'Boiler Kero' etc …)

OTHER ADDITIVES – We also stock a range of other additives – primarily for use with Gas Oil and/or Road Diesel. We have Anti-wax designed to reduce waxing which can occur when fuel sits around in the tank for long periods especially in the cold weather. We also have Anti-Bug additive to help reduce the build-up and growth of bacteria as can also happen when fuel sits in the tank for long periods. We also have Diesel Supreme designed to make the diesel run more efficiently … and there are other additives too. These additives generally come in 1 litre bottles and each bottle treats around 4,000 litres of fuel (depending on the particular additive).

LUBRICANTS – we can supply a multitude of different Engine Oils, Transmission Oils and Hydraulic Oils. They come in 20 litre containers or in 205 litre metal barrels.

ADBLUE – More and more diesel vehicles – not just lorries but modern cars as well – are going over to Adblue. We can supply 18 litre containers, 210 litre barrels or for commercial bulk deliveries we can organize a delivery of Adblue from an Adblue tanker direct to the customers tank. Another option is to have a delivery of a tank of Adblue in a 1,000 litre container (an IBC) and when that is empty we can organize the ‘empty’ to be taken away and replaced with a fresh 1,000 litre tank.

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - We also stock Anti-Freeze (both standard and long-life) and Screen Wash. These come in 20 litre containers. We can also supply Sight-Tubing. Sight Tubes for judging the level of oil in your tank can often shrink over time and also become opaque making it difficult to see the oil level. If you let us know the length of Sight-Tube you require we can also supply this.

BOILERS AND TANKS - We do not supply or maintain either BOILERS or TANKS but we can pass any such queries to our favoured partners and ask them to make contact. If you are placing a bulk order with us you can simply tick the relevant box if you would like us to pass-on any such queries.


For any queries please contact our Sales Team on 01525 402209.


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If you have any queries about your order or have an enquiry regarding other products and services please call us on 01525 402209/402073 or email info@conquestoil.co.uk.

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