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Our Partners in the Industry and Our Place Amongst Them:


Oil NRG Group - We are very proud to be a part of the expanding Oil NRG Group with sister companies in the North of England and in East Anglia. 

Other Oil Companies - Whilst Conquest Oil NRG Ltd have a strong presence in the area of Bedfordshire and surrounding counties (taking-in much of the Midlands and Home Counties), we are also proud of the fact that we have other partners in the oil supply business who trust us to complete oil deliveries on their behalf - we deliver to a great many Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural customers who have actually placed their orders with other oil companies, who in-turn often ask us to deliver for them. Although many of these other companies are nationwide, in actual fact they often pass their orders onto regional suppliers - such as us. Many of these oil companies don't actually have a presence of their own in our area, or only have a limited presence and simply don't have the resilience or capacity to complete all the orders they receive for our area. We are very pleased to be able to assist our nationwide partners in the oil delivery business and are happy to assist with delivery of their orders. These partners include Crown Oil, Nationwide Oil, Speedy Fuel Oils, Compass Fuel Oils, Tates, Oil Fast, North Herts Farmers and many others.

Internet Based Companies and Brokers - We also have a number of partners that are internet based companies. They don't usually have their own oil to sell, drivers or fleets of trucks. They rely on companies such as ourselves to deliver on their behalf. These companies in-effect act as brokers, gathering orders, and passing these orders onto other oil companies with the capacity to deliver. They understandably have to make a profit and therefore a proportion of what a customer pays will be their commission. We are in partnership with a number of these companies and we are very pleased that they have trusted us over many years to deliver on their behalf. We are proud of the fact that BoilerjuiceOil ClubThe Heating Oil ClubFuel Tool, Fuel FighterValue Oils, Agricole and others trust us with their customers. Boilerjuice is a major company in the internet oil sector and we are one of the biggest distributors that Boilerjuice have.

Our Business - Although we have an internet presence we are an oil delivery company with our own Depot, Sales Staff, Teams of Drivers and a Fleet of Oil Tankers. We have our own storage tanks and have regular supplies of oils delivered into us on a daily (and nightly) basis. We also stock a multitude of different types of Lubricants, Engine Oils and Hydraulic Oils etc. Whilst we deliver on behalf of a number of other oil companies and internet based brokers most of our customers come to us direct.

Our Customers - We are proud of the fact that we have many thousands of our own Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural customers, a great many of whom have been loyal customers of ours over many years and have always come to us direct for their various Fuel and Oil needs.

Village Groups - We also have a great number of village buying groups, many of these groups having evolved and grown over many years, and they regularly come to us with their group orders - some always come to us and have come to trust us to such a degree they never go anywhere else! We are very proud of that. It means we must be doing something right!

Commission - Anyone that comes direct to us with their orders, whether as individuals or as part of a village buying group will be safe in the knowledge that they are not paying a commission to any middle-men. It will be us that completes the deliveries, delivering our own oil, using our own vehcles and our own drivers.





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